Meditation Is Intelligence

Meditation Is Intelligence

“Have a very penetrating eye inside your mind, see what its motivations are.

“When you do something, immediately look for the motivation, because if you miss the motivation, the mind goes on befooling you and goes on saying that something else was the motivation. For example: you come home angry and you beat your child. The mind will say, “It is just for his own sake, to make him behave.” This is rationalization. Go deeper… You were angry and you wanted somebody with whom you could be angry. You could not be angry with the boss in the office, he is too strong for that. And it is risky and economically dangerous.

“No, you needed somebody helpless. Now this child is perfectly helpless, he depends on you; he cannot react, he cannot do anything, he cannot pay you back in the same coin. You cannot find a more perfect victim.

“Look: are you angry? If you are, then the mind is befooling you.

“The mind goes on befooling you twenty-four hours a day and you cooperate with it. Then in the end you are in misery, you land in hell. Watch every moment for the right motivation. If you can find the right motivation, the mind will become more and more incapable of deceiving you. And the further away you are from deception, the more you will be capable of moving beyond mind, the more you will become a master.

“I have heard:

“One scientist was saying to his friend, “I don’t see why you insisted that your wife wear a chastity belt while we were away at the convention. After all, between us as old buddies, with Emma’s face and figure, who would…?”

“‘I know, I know,” replied the other. “But when I get back home, I can always say I lost the key.’

“Look, watch for the unconscious motivation. The mind goes on bullying you and bossing you because you are not capable of seeing its real motivations. Once a person becomes capable of seeing real motivations, meditation is very close…. because then the mind no longer has a grip on you.

“The mind is a mechanism, it has no intelligence. The mind is a bio-computer. How can it have any intelligence? It has skill, but it has no intelligence; it has a functional utility, but it has no awareness. It is a robot; it works well but don’t listen to it too much because then you will lose your inner intelligence. Then it is as if you are asking a machine to guide you, lead you. You are asking a machine which has nothing original in it – cannot have. Not a single thought in the mind is ever original, it is always a repetition. Watch: whenever mind says something, see that it is again putting you into a routine. Try to do something new and the mind will have less grip on you.

“People who are in some ways creative are always easily transformed into meditators, and people who are uncreative in their life are the most difficult. If you live a repetitive life the mind has too much control over you – you cannot move away from it, you are afraid. Do something new every day. Don’t listen to the old routine. In fact, if the mind says something tell it, “This we have been doing always. Now let us do something else.” Even small changes: in the way you have always been behaving with your wife, just small changes; in the way you always walk, just small changes; the way you always talk, small changes. And you will find that the mind is losing its grip on you, you are becoming a little freer.”

Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines, Talk #7

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