Meditation Is an Experiment

Meditation Is an Experiment

“You don’t believe in God? That is not a hindrance to meditation. You don’t believe in soul? That is not a hindrance in meditation. You don’t believe at all? That is not an obstacle. You can meditate, because meditation simply says how to go withinwards: whether there is a soul or not doesn’t matter; whether there is a God or not doesn’t matter.

“One thing is certain, that you are. Who are you? To enter into it is meditation: to go deeper into your own being. Maybe it is just momentary; maybe you are not eternal: maybe death finishes everything. We don’t make any condition that you have to believe. We say only that you have to experiment. Just try. One day it happens: thoughts are not there. And suddenly when thoughts disappear, the body and you are separate – because thoughts are the bridge. Through thoughts you are joined with the body; it is the link. Suddenly the link disappears – you are there, the body is there, and there is an infinite abyss between the two. Then you know that the body will die, but you cannot die.

“Then it is not something like a dogma; it is not a creed, it is an experience – self-evident. On that day, death disappears; on that day, doubt disappears, because now you are not always having to defend yourself. Nobody can destroy you, you are indestructible. Then trust arises, overflows. And to be in trust is to be in ecstasy; to be in trust is to be in God; to be in trust is to be fulfilled.

“So I don’t say cultivate trust, I say experiment with meditation.”

Osho, Come, Follow to You, Vol. 3, Talk #2

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